The Mobility Foundation e.V. is a registered non-profit association based in Stuttgart with the purpose to foster inclusive mobility solutions. It was founded by participants of Daimler Mobility's "INspire - The Mobility Lab" trainee program.

In times of increasing urbanization and the omnipresence of technology, mobility is not yet fully inclusive and entirely sustainable. The Mobility Foundation aims to tackle these deficits actively with various initiatives in order to influence the mobility solutions of tomorrow substantially and in a positive way. The Mobility Foundation is determined to help shape the exchange of opinions on sustainable and equitable mobility in society through events, forums, and other communication measures.

For our first edition of the Mobility Hub, we are being sponsored by Daimler Mobility AG. As a subsidiary of Daimler AG, Daimler Mobility specializes in financial and mobility solutions for the everyday life (learn more here). We are collaborating with the industry, opinion leaders, experts and future talents to establish an active, impactful and sustainable platform to create mobility for everyone.


Questions? Get in touch with us: admin@the-mobility-hub.com

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